I discuss ATC blog posts, with supplementary information, stories, and the reasons why I thought the topic was worth writing about, and worth reading about. Thus, a doublecut of these topics. This covers grass selection, playability, and all the work done to create a certain type of turfgrass surface.

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Spots of excitement—snow mold spots—in an otherwise boring potassium experiment, with Doug Soldat

Doug Soldat is a professor in the soil science department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. We discussed a recent photo he shared showing dramatically increased ...

How to collect soil samples for #OM246 and #MLSN tests

Soil sample collection and handling procedures and recommendations and pitfalls. Plus three recommended newsletters.

Turfgrass Twitter in 2022 with Paul Hurst

Paul Hurst, co-owner of GreensPro, joined me to discuss the Turf Twitter 2022 rankings and his 13th place finish in these highly competitive rankings. We ended up talk...

The 10 posts no one read last year with Joe Gulotti

Joe Gulotti joined me to discuss ten blog posts from the ATC blog that got the fewest views in 2022. It's easy to understand why some of these are on the list. A few d...

How much N is in two tenths of a pound? A lot, or a little?

A little bit of N is just that, a little bit, causing a small amount of growth. But with turfgrass being a perennial crop, those little bits of N eventually add up to ...

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